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My Pio 630H HDD recorder has an analogue tuner (only). So I record from my Thomson Sky STB via SCART. Although I live in the Southern area, my roof-top aerial is high-gain London because that’s my best Freeview signal. For this reason I enter a valid London postcode in the EPG set up menu.

The EPG download comes in via the ITV L analogue signal. In EPG set up I switch on/off the channels I’m interested in and set the source as AV and the appropriate Sky channel number. I have three problems:

(1) After a download all channels show OK in the EPG matrix except for the EPG carrier channel (ITV L) which is missing most, if not all, programmes.

(2) The EPG download somehow resets all my ‘off’ channels back on and, worse still, resets channels 1-5 back from AV 101 etc. to tuner. This is not a function of power off/on – tried that.

(3) The overnight download allows me to select programmes and enters the programme name correctly in my scheduled recording list. The afternoon download again allows me to select programmes but this time the scheduled recording list shows channel instead of programme name. So there appears to be something different between overnight and afternoon downloads. This problem is more of puzzlement than an annoyance.

Can anyone shed any light on any or all of these items? Or is it just a case of old technology? Any suggestions welcome – reluctant to pension the Pio off. It’s a good performer and only 2 years old.

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