Pioneer DVR 560 aspect ratio flag lost on copy to DVD


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Hi, hope someone can help with this... I'm using a Pioneer DVR-560.

When I record a 16:9 programme it plays back from the HDD in 16:9 just fine - the "aspect ratio flag" tells my TV to switch to 16:9 mode.
If I copy that same programme to DVD in Fast Copy mode, the 16:9 aspect ratio flag stays intact. All well and good.
But if I copy the same programme to DVD at a manual / optimized quality (re-recording to a disc in real-time) then the aspect ratio flag is lost. When I play the disc, my TV does not switch to 16:9 mode automatically and I get a vertically-stretched 4:3 picture. I can manually switch the TV to 16:9 mode and view the programme in the correct ratio, but surely I shouldn't have to?

N.B. I've tried processing the output files on PC, using ifoedit to try to 'fix' the aspect ratio flag, but even that doesn't seem to work: I just end up with either the same 4:3 vertically stretched picture or a 4:3 letterboxed picture. It's determined to remain a 4:3 picture, sat in the middle of my 16:9 monitor!

I haven't had the DVR-560 all that long, so maybe I've just got some setting wrong? Help!


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In cases like this, the format type of DVD is often relevant.

Can you report which type you are copying to when you encounter this problem?


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Hi, and thanks for the response!

The specific media I'm using is: DataWrite Titanium Full Face Printable 8x 4.7Gb DVD-R. I'm nearing the end of a spindle of 50 of those discs, which were originally purchased to suit my old DVR 530 as that machine would only use -R media and wasn't happy with discs rated above 8x.

The DVR 560's firmware version is 1.16 (multiregion) just in case that's relevant, and the programmes I'm trying to write out are standard recordings made from Freeview TV in PAL 16:9 using the recorder's internal tuner. As I said, the recordings are 16:9 when played back from the HDD, 16:9 when written to disc in Fast Copy mode, but for some reason lose the 16:9 aspect ratio flag when copied to disc in real-time using an altered quality setting.

Last night, for example, I wanted to copy two programmes totalling about 135 minutes to a 2 hour disc. I copied the first programme (50 minutes) to the blank disc in Fast Copy mode, choosing not to finalize the disc, and then added the second (85 minute) programme to the disc. The 85-minute programme needed to be downgraded slightly in order to fit into the remaining 70-odd minutes, so I let the player do an optimized recording to the disc and finalized the disc with the two programmes on it. The disc menu is 4:3 and when I select the first programme my TV pops into 16:9 as it should, but if I select the second programme on the disc it doesn't change to 16:9 and I get a 4:3 vertically-stretched picture. Both programmes were originally in 16:9 format.


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I have had this issue as well - exactly the same - with DVD-R discs and a Sony DVD recorder.
There is a cure, I believe, but I can't for the life of me remember what it is !

I know this is an issue with +R media, but -R discs should be fine.
( Acording to the manual for the Sony, in video mode, the 16:9 aspect is retained for modes HQ, HSP,SP,LSP and ESP. For all other modes it's fixed at 4:3. For VR mode the aspect ratio is fixed correctly, regardless of the mode setting. This is for -R discs. VR mode for +R discs is always 4:3, irrespective.)

So, if you are using -R discs and are recording in HQ,HSP, etc, as above, it should copy correctly whether in high speed or not, but I guess in your case it's still an issue.
It's something to do with the re-coding that it does, in other than high speed copying, I think.
There is more, if I can just remember...

Maybe Gavtech can remember ?
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I would have expected DVD-R to be problem free... unless it's an exceptionally low quality mode that you are re-encoding to.

The only other thing I can think of that may be causing an issue is that there are mixed aspect ratios in the original recording.

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