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I've been waiting for Pioneer to produce something which was like (or even something which was) their DVR-720H complete with:

Built in DVB tuner
Hard drive
Firewire (DV) in

To my amazement it seemed that neither the newer '30' models nor the DVR-440 (spotted recently in Comet) had all three of these features, with most still lacking the DVB tuner.

I emailed Pioneer UK to whinge about this and got a very quick and polite reply telling me that the DVR 545HX, due in the UK in October 06, would have all three of my requirements.

A search on here for this model turned up nothing (sorry if I missed it) and so I've started a thread for it - if anyone beyond (or even within) the borders of the UK already has one, I'd be interested to know what you think of it.


Cynthia 7

Hi Graham,

These details were originally posted by Hkan. A retailer I spoke to last week said the UK models would have these features, but of course PAL.

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New HDMI Hard Disk Drive DVD Recorders

Three new Hard Disk DVD recorders, each featuring an HDMI output, advanced video processing and entertainment functions, will be available in October.

The new recorders will be even easier to use and incorporate a new, superior video processing chipset that will meet all your high definition home entertainment needs – whether it’s playing a movie, recording content, listening to music or browsing digital photographs.

At a glance, the new line-up includes:

The DVR-645H, with integrated analogue TV tuner and 250GB hard disk, capable of storing up to 711 hours of video.
The DVR-545HX, with integrated digital (DVB-T) tuner, with 160GB hard disk (capable of storing up to 455 hours of video)
The DVR-545H, with integrated analogue TV tuner, also with 160GB hard disk

Both the DVR-545HX and DVR-645H feature a DV-input (so recording from your digital camcorder is straightforward, via a single cable) and an ‘Entertainment Engine’, our new digital multimedia platform.

All new models provide multi-format recording and playback for DVD-R (including Dual Layer), DVD-RW, DVD+R (including Double Layer), DVD+RW and DVD-RAM.

Here's what's new in the line-up:

Advanced picture processing
The new line-up incorporates a Video Quality Enhancer (VQE), which is a core video chipset traditionally used in our high-end DVD recorders and players. A newly-designed VQE10 enables a scaling option up to 1080i video format, delivering enhanced and accurate picture processing.

The HDMI interface allows perfect full-digital video and sound reproduction signals over a single cable without signal deterioration .

More entertainment and flexible multi-tasking
The line up includes the popular Digital Audio Jukebox feature, which provides quick access to music content. With the touch of a button, you can rip your favourite CDs to the hard disk or copy WMA or MP3 files at high speed. You can then easily search and play your albums using the on-screen Juke Box Navigator.

A new innovation for this line-up is the ‘Entertainment Engine’, included in the DVR-645H and DVR-545HX. The Engine enables you to upload digital images or compressed audio files at high speed, via the recorder’s front-in USB host.

You can then create a JPEG slideshow, whilst compressed audio is being played, or even print photographs from the hard disk via a PictBridge compatible USB printer. This means that your hard disk DVD recorder now also serves as a convenient central library of video content, audio titles and digital photographs.

All models assure the widest playback compatibility and meet the DivX Home Theatre certification standard to provide high quality playback of compressed video.

The recorders also offer great flexibility in multi-tasking. Aside from using ‘Chase Play’ playback, you can also record new content to the hard disk while transferring previously recorded media to or from DVD or while conducting a disc back-up – another feature unique to our DVD recorders.

The Pause Live TV function, a popular feature from our earlier line-up, allows you to freeze the screen of a program you are watching and restart later, simply with the touch of a button.

Improved Ease of Use
These DVD recorders are simple to use. A new, straightforward remote control has an easy-to-understand layout to ensure quick access to numerous functions, controls and features.

A built-in multilingual Help function offers you assistance at the touch of a button and guides you through the next steps of the menu or display guidance messages to guarantee trouble-free operation.

Additionally, all models have the GUIDE Plus+ Electronic Programme Guide. This provides a multi-day electronic TV guide and easy one-button programming from detailed TV channel and programme listings. The DVR-545HX also includes a Digital EPG providing a digital variant of the analogue guide.

For further information on costs and availability please contact your local Pioneer office or distributor.

Published: 24 July 2006, Melsele Belgium

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Looks like it's got the same remote as the 540 with the flap plus some commands need a shift button.:thumbsdow


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Cynthia 7 said:
Hi Graham,

These details were originally posted by Hkan. A retailer I spoke to last week said the UK models would have these features, but of course PAL.
Thanks for the response, and to Hkan whose original information I evidently missed.

Of the three mentioned, the 545HX obviously does fit the bill, so now we'll just have to twiddle our thumbs and wait and see.



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It seems to me that with the MP3 and Jpeg, along with the standard TV DVD hard disk recording, that this is all but a little short of a being a Media PC, of course you can't browse the net or play games, but I don't with my Media PC anyway, as the TV is used more conventionally.

I for one can't wait for its release, but will we have to wait until next year or later for the HD-DVD version?

Cynthia 7

Hi Pagnobito,

These Pioneer models are meant to be available in October 2006. They are all hard drive models. The 545H or 545HC model having 160 GB capable of storing up to 455 hours of video.

We will have to wait patiently until October and just hope we don't have to wait until Christmas!
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