Pioneer DVR-545HX-S problem - powers on TV when turning on from standby for timer




I have just bought a Pioneer DVR-545HX-S and PDP-427XD.

What I have noticed is that after I have set a timed recoring and put the DVR into standby and the TV is off, when the time comes from the recording to start it turns on the TV!

Also, if the TV was already on, it will switch over to the channel begin recorded.

This is really annoying!

Does anyone else have this problem? is there a setting I can change to fix this? is it a fault?

I cant believe it is supposed to work like this!

Many thanks in advance for your help.




Check your TV setup menu to see if you have SmartLink/Q-Link enabled. This is a function of the TV that makes it wake up when connected to compatible equipment. If you disable this that should stop the TV waking up from Standby but will disable the record Live TV function if you have that working. The other alternative is to turn the TV of completely rather than leave it on standby.

As for switching to the recorder's tuner when it starts recording when the TV is already on, this may still happen when you have disabled the SmartLink functions as it's your TV sensing an input as part of the SCART spec. You could try putting the DVD Recorder into TV mode (press TV/DVD mode button) as that will give the TV priority and shouldn't switch it over.




thanks Philip.

I do use the SmartLink to e.g. switch channels automatically when pressing play, record what you are watching etc, but didn't expect it to switch it over when coming on from standby from a timer recording.

But it seems changing the TV/DVD mode fixes this so thanks for that.

Not quite sure of the purpose of this 'feature' as why anyone would want it to behave like that escapes me however I am happy to switch it to TV and never touch it again!

many thanks for you help.


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