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Discussion in 'Digital TV & Video Players & Recorders' started by atlantisweb, Jun 28, 2005.

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    I was considering buying a Pioneer DVR 530H Hard Disk & DVD Recorder for use with my Sky Digital set top box. However, Pioneer have informed me that the Sky receiver needs to be turned on all the time (not even in Standby) for the timer functions (and GuidePlus EPG timers) to work.

    Does anyone know of a better solution, is it possible to use the Sky EPG to control the recorder instead of having to get a GuidePlus enabled box. Does anyone know if the Pioneer supports EXT Link from a STB - the manual mentions SmartLink/AV Link etc from a compatible TV but does not say anything about STBs

    Would I still be able to use RGB if using the Sky EPG to control the HDD recorder as by Panasonic set top box does not support S-Video... how much quality would I loose? I'm not a perfectionist as I'm currently relying on a poor quality Toshiba VCR!

    Would I be better off with a different HDD/DVD recorder. I've already discounted Sky+ as I would need to either take out movies or pay £10 a month extra and have to pay a high price for the Sky+ box and install (£89 for new subs but loyal customers must pay £199 - I don't think so!).


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