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Pioneer DVR-530H-S. How compatible is it?

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by Markkfc9, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. Markkfc9


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    As you may have seen from previous post I am awaiting a replacement 530H-S as 1st one was faulty. For those who already own one please let me know how "fussy" it is? I used to have an old Pioneer DVD player DV-454 that would play just about anything other machines would spit out.

    Do you find it plays & records just about any disc or have you ever found problems?

  2. BrianF

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    Oct 28, 2005
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    I purchased mine over the Internet from Germany (€430). It arrived Tuesday with the box damaged and the unit out of position - dropped from a height I should think. Even so, the unit itself has no signs of damage and it seems to work OK.
    During setup, I have noticed some unexpected oddities. I live in Belgium and use a Sky Digibox (FTV) as well as the local cable. The first oddity is that, with the Digibox connected to AV2 and the widescreen TV connected to AV1, the picture received from the DVR is squashed sideways into a 4:3 screen display. 16:9 is specified in the setup. If I record from the Digibox onto the HDD, the playback is displayed as a correctly proportioned widescreen image in a 4:3 screen; in other words, black all around the picture. I called Pioneer UK about this and they told me that is due to Sky transmissions not being in standard format. (So how come my Sony TV displays the images correctly when the Digibox is connected directly?).
    The second oddity is that I cannot download the EPG from Eurosport (410). Pioneer UK say this is because there has to be a co-ax connection from the Digibox as well as the Scart - impossible for me because my co-ax and the DVR are set up for the Belgian cable.
    All in all, I am disappointed before I have evn started to use the recording facilities of this unit but are other DVRs just as difficult?

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