Pioneer DVR-5100H

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    I am currently looking for a HDD/DVD Recorder. I have read a number of forums and still not completed decided.

    Panasonic DMR-E100 has great features and connectivity - costs too much and has DVD-RAM.
    Philips & Co. with their +R format have not come up with HDD/DVDR.

    This brings me to the Pioneer 5100H. I have read the manual and it is PERFECT with one problem. NO RGB INPUT.

    So my first question why a company like Pioneer which has no connections to Music or Movie studios makes an ultimate machine and decides to cripple it by not having an RGB Input?

    How do I connect SKY DIGIBOX with PIONEER 5100H so that I get the best video signal?

    SKY DIGIBOX has 2 Scart (RGB, composite) outputs.
    PIONEER has 1 Scart (S-Video, composite) Input as well as a stand alone S-video input.

    The common denominator here is composite not even S-video !!!!

    Are the RGB to S-Video converters any good? Is so which one do you recommend.
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    Lack of market research IMHO. The same goes for Toshiba and JVC

    Yesy you can get good ones - well as good as you can get given that your reducing a RGB picture to S-Video. If you get Sky+ (or other brand specific Digiboxes with working S-Video out) then you won't need a conversion.

    Have you thought about the Panasonic HS2 (which does have RGB in) - it's available for £550 (so around £100 cheaper than the Pioneer) - it does record to DVD-RAM but very few HDD/DVDR combo owners use re-writeable media. The whole point of such a machine is to primarily use DVD-Rs - which given that they can be purchased as cheapily as 50p each means they can be viewed as "throw away media".

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