Pioneer DVR 3100 problems


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This is my first post so I'd like to say hello to everyone.:hiya:

I have a Pioneer DVR 3100 which I bought new in Jan 04.

I have used it record on DVD r without any problems and until now have only used 1 DVD-RW.

I lent the RW to a friend and never got it back so I have now finally bought some more.

My problem is the recorder does not seem to recognise them, just ejects it straight away.

My first -RW was a TDK 2x, the discs I have just bought are Samsung PLEOMAX 4x.

Is there a difference, have I got the wrong discs? ( I got them from a computer shop)

I have also tried +RW but got an error message.

Is there a known problem with this recorder?

So is it the discs or the recorder

Any help appreciated:lease:


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Yes, you have bought the wrong discs. The 3100 will only record on 1x and 2x discs. 4x discs are relatively new and will not work on all recorders. The 3100 was out before these 4x discs came out.

The +RW discs will not work either. The 3100 is a -RW and -R machine only


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Hello and welcome Boraboy, I bought a Pioneer DVR 220 on here and it works fine with PC-line 2x dvd-rws that I had.
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