Pioneer DVR-107 New M/R Firmware available


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It's maybe not the proper place to post but the new Pioneer DVR-107 PC DVD rewriter has a new firmware to enable 8X writing to various 4X -R discs. Plus region free.

I've flashed mine and can now write to Datawrite Yellow 4X at 8X with no obvious problems.

You can find it HERE



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Yep I believe it's a hacked firmware. There's also the ability to revert to the original state.

Also if anyone tries this and Nero doesn't recognise the discs as writeable at 8X reflash with DMA disabled.



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Hi Wraith,

It's a shop sort of local to me you can have a look HERE I also buy from SVP. Silicon have just dropped the price of 25 Spindle Datawrite 4X Yellow to £12. Not bad at all :smashin:


Cheers thats a great price. Will get some soon.

I'm using Datasafe x4 white there great never had any probs but im not sure they would stand up to x8 writing. There the ones below the datawrite yellow on svp's page. Seems my local shop has been really overcharging me £26.44 for 25 there £15.99 on svp. Ill see how i get on with my datasafe disks and let you know how it goes. Think i will start using the datawrite disks though they cheaper now £11.89 on svp and they seem to be working well for you. Pity my local shop doesnt stock them.

Should be getting my 107 next week now you have found the hack for it, I looked for ages but couldnt find anything.

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