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Question Pioneer DVL-909 "Wrong Region No." Error.


Novice Member
I've got a Pioneer DVL-909 LaserDisc/DVD player and I'm having a slight problem with the DVD portion of it. It is very picky about which discs it will play and which it won't. At first I thought the age of the DVD was a factor since this is an older DVD player but I've found that whether it's a brand new DVD or an older one, it will either play it or display "Wrong Region No." and eject the discs. All of my DVDs are Region 1 and I can't find any difference between the ones it plays and the ones it rejects.

Has anyone had a similar issue with this unit and know what I could do to fix it?

Thank you.


Staff member
I wonder if, somehow, this player is actually set to another region (i.e. not 1). Many "region 1" discs are in fact coded for several regions. So if, for example, you had a region 3 player, then it may be those discs that do play do so because they are in fact coded 1 plus 3 (plus maybe others) - despite their labelling.

There was a multi-region modification for this machine (involving a little bit of soldering) and those sold in parts of the far east were already like this ex-works. The user had to explicitly SET which region they needed - could be changed infinite times.

In case your player is already in this condition, here is the remote key sequence:

press menu
press display (no change to screen content)
press condition
"region code appears"
select 1 or 2 (etc) for region number
press enter
exit menu

Try this and if it isn't already 1" then change it as above.
If the region code doesn't display then you may need to perform the solder modification.


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Is this the UK/PAL version of the DVL-909, if it is then it won't play region 1 DVD. It would play NTSC and PAL Laserdiscs but the DVD section was locked to region 2 discs for the UK version and region 1 for the USA version (when not modified as stated above).

If your DVDs are coded region 1 they won't play on a standard UK machine, not all DVDs are actually coded, they may suggest region 1 on the box but may not actually be coded on the disc and in that case they would play on the DVL-909.

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