Pioneer DVL-909 U.S. Player- Pal Mod?

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    I was recently looking at "the U.K. DVD FAQ" page, seeking help in a modification of a U.S. Pioneer DVL-909 DVD/Laser Disc player to multi region playback. Through that web page I found this forum.

    I understand that the HCC August 1998 issue had a review of this player, as well as a some hacks. Unfortunately, the last archived issue here is September 1998. The FAQ said that this back issue has an article on modifying the above DVD/Laser Disc player, and I was wondering if this is true?

    I have already done a simple modification that has converted my U.S. player to multi region. Only problem is, when I play a Pal disc, the picture is all right, but I get this terrible vertical roll! Does anyone know if the article in the HCC magazine addresses a mod with a U.S. player like mine, concerning Pal playback? I understand that the Pal circuits are already in there.

    I would appreciate an answer, as I am stumped, and can't find the mod to convert the U.S. player to Pal playback elsewhere on the web. Your answer is truly appreciated. Can any body help me with this?

    Much Thanks.
    Long Beach, California, U.S.A.

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