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Pioneer DVD RGB problem with panasonic tv

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by iabbott, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. iabbott


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    Got a Pioneer 585 the other. Great player (an upgrade from a pioneer 444). I am connecting it via a fully wired rgb scart to a panasonic 28" widescreen tv (tx28pl10). However, when the player is set to rgb mode and connected to scart 1 (the only one that is rgb enabled), when I turn on the player it switches the tv to AV1. But when I turn off the player, the tv tries to switch back to the tv tuner but I get a black picture and normal tv sound. I can change the tv channels as normal and even use teletext, but still get a black picture. The only way round it is to remove the scart lead from the dvd player or switch the dvd player to video rather than rgb output.
    "thehifistore.co.uk" were most helpful and suggested trying a different scart cable (no difference) and a different scart socket on the tv (which works, although you don't get an rgb enabled picture). They also replaced the player free of charge incase there was a fault with the player. However the replacement gave the same symptoms, so I can only assume it is a compatability problem with my setup. I am foxed though, as the old 444 that was set up in exactly the same way worked fine.
    Has anyone seen this before or has any suggestions how to resolve the problem. I've currently left it on "video" output and have to change to rgb when watching films (as opposed to listening to cd's etc) - Thanks

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