Pioneer dvd problem with toshiba tv


perry ferrit

I have just bought a Jap version of a pioneer 717 dvd player the dv-s5 off a member of these forums and i am having probems with the picture when i connect the player up to my toshiba zp36 18p via the component video leads. The reson i bought the dv-s5 was for the component video out but when i connect up to my tv the picture is smeared from left to right, wobbles from top to bottom and the picture goes on and off all the time but when i connect up with s video leads the picture is fine. The player is multi region pal/ntsc and i have spoke to the guy i bought it off and he said it might be something to do with macrovision. If so why does it not afect s video and what can i do to sort out the problem as i need to connect the player via component leads.
Does it sound like a macrovision problem ?

Thanks alot......
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