Pioneer DVD and DVD-Audio Setup


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I recently purchased a Pioneer 575, and was wondering how to setup the DVD-Audio/SACD with my Yamaha 750 amp?

I did a search on this forum, and have established I need a set of '6 phono leads'.
Trouble is I am not clear if these are the leads provided with the DVD player, which have 3 connectors/plugs? at each end, 1 red 1 yellow and 1 white, or if I need to buy another lead with 6 plugs at each end.

Either way once I have the correct leads, where do they plug into on the Yamaha Amp?.

Help appreciated


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On Your yamaha amp at the back it has a input called multi channel input just connect your dvdplayer 5.1 channel outputs to the yamaha multi channel input with six audio leads by the way it should tell you this in the manual.

oh currys sell a pack of 6 jvc audio leads approprietly labeled for 5.1 inputs front/centre/surround/sub i think.


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all you need is three pairs of stereo RCA phono leads...(as in what you would use to plug a CD player to an amp....but you need three lots)

plug one set to the Left front and Right front outputs on DVD player to the Left front and Right front inputs on amp........then repeat with another set for the ones marked Left rear and Right rear outputs on DVD to same inputs on amp, then finally a third set to Centre and Subwoofer ouput on DVD to same inputs on amp......
(to clarify, by set i mean one stereo pair, which is a cable which RCA connectors each end)
you can buy as someone suggest a pack by JVC in Dixons that is for this purpose, but if your equipment is only budget level then just buy 3 pairs of JVC's individual stereo RCA should work out cheaper......

altho to be honest, because DVD-A/SACD is a higher quality sound, i would recommend going to Richer Sounds and getting 3 pairs of Cambridge Audio Atlantic cable, its a lovely cable and allows a good will have to spend about £25-30 but i would say its worth it over the JVC's......(i know cuz i've used both)


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Thanks both of you for your help.

I will purchase 3 pairs of the Cambridge Audio Atlantic cables as suggested.




You could buy the Ixos 175 6RCA - 6 RCA cable...I've got one and its cracking!...Only cost me £18 off a search


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personally i'd buy cables new, just in case they have been abused and repaired in a way you cant tell........more than likely will be ok, but i generally cant afford to risk

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