Pioneer DVD-105SZ Rom Drive Sync problems


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Feb 15, 2003
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Hi All,

Having a few problems with my Pioneer DVD rom drive, will play happily for 30secs and then looses sync with the sound ??

The only thing i've changed in the system recently was an WD80gig SE hard drive, and upgraded PowerDVD v4 XP to v5 (Unistalled v4 and installed v5). But it did perform happily for about 2 weeks before the problem started.

I thought it might be the DVD-Rom drive failing ??

PC Spec:

Gigabyte GA6-IEML Mainboard
P3 1ghz Processer
512mb 133mhz Sdram
WD10gig 7200 drive for Win2k / WinXP-Pro (Dual Boot)
WD80gig 7200 drive for Data / Storage
Pioneer 105SZ DVD Rom drive
MX440 64mb GFX Card
Onboard Sound
Irman / Girder

Also it has problems reading CDR's as well ?? I have tried cleaning it, but no joy ?? :( Is the mechanism in these drives all direct ?? Or does it have belts ??

I hope someone can help me out on this one ?? Becasue i was gonna use it, instead of my main standalone DVD player and sell that. But now i'm having 2nd thoughts ??


Have you tried ripping a dvd to the harddrive to prove that the pc plays smoothly when the dvd drive is not being used?
Thanks John for the reply, when i get 5 minutes to spare :D I'll do a DVD to HD grab using DVD Shrink v3.1 and see how that goes ??

But the reason i think the DVD drive is having problems, is that it does have read error problems with CD's and data CDR's.

I do have a few trailers and film clips on HD, as show off bits to wow people when they view the PJ. And these play fine with no problem at all.

I've done a 10 min grab from a DVD tonight using DVD shrink v3.1, and that played fine from the HD using PowerDVD v5.

So what's the next option ?? Well apart from chucking this drive in the bin and getting another one ??


Did you use the same drive to do the grab?
yep....yet the same disk won't play in PowerDVD ?? Very odd ??

I have tried various settings in PowerDVD and no joy ??
Is the OS install old? Might be time to attempt a nuke and pave, reinstall everything from scratch using the latest drivers. If you still get the same issue with the drive then its likly the drive. The fact that it can play properly from the harddrive, suggests it might be something else.
Hi John,

Well i've just done a fresh install of WinXP-Pro, so i'm hoping it'll be ok ??

I do think that the drive is slowly dying, becasue it has problems reading CD's & CDR's too.

So maybe it's time to get another one ??

Sorry for the late delay, been busy doing a project to hang my 801s CRT PJ.



Edit: I've tried playing a DVD (DVD-R to be precise) and that played fine, also grabbed a small bit of the disc onto the HD and that was ok as well ?? Maybe it's got an intermittent fault ??

Gonna buy a new 120s and keep the old unit as a backup drive !!
My brother has a 120s and managed to find a region free hack for it quite recently, it never used to be available.
Any details would be nice if poss., If you can't post 'em here, then pm me the details.


If you let me have an email address I'll send you the file.

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