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Picked up my 868 from dealer on saturday, get home open it up and the power lead is just a euro 2 pin plug??
Should there be an uk adapter plug (where you connet the 2 pin plug in to a uk plug shell) with this or have got a euro spec dvd player??:confused:


That's what Pioneer do. I think the dealer is supposed to swap it. I don't think there's a special UK version. I suspect it's actually illegal to supply it in that form as a retail product. Tell your trading standards officer if you want and he'll probably visit your dealer.


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It is illegal for Pioneer UK to supply product to their dealers without the proper (fitted) UK plug/plug adapter and I would be very surprised if they have done so... If the dealer sells a grey imported model, then obviously the responsibility lies with them to supply the correct (fitted) plug/plug adapter...

If you are concerned about the players origin then question Pioneer UK directly with the dealers name and the players serial number...


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Pioneer UK take their share of the European bound players with 2-pin plugs and must swap over the power cables in UK, however they do seem to keep forgettting!! (the entire first shipment of 868s never had the UK power cables - the odd one or two still comes up!)

They have done the same on a few of the new HDE plasmas too!! This time UK plug, but at the media box end a 2 pin connector instead of 3.

Hardly a case for trading standards though!!!!!

Paul D

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I had one of the first 868i's in the country.
As Liam says, my supplier had to open the box and fit the UK adaptor before he would let me take it.
Both my Sony and Pioneer Amps came with euro adapters.:)


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I'm not suggesting you inform trading standards, however you would have a case... I'm very surprised by the comments regarding Pioneer UK, someone's not do their job properly... It shouldn't be the dealers responsibility to open and check every box, that responsibility lies at the point at which it enters the UK... If I'd just spent £800+ I'd be pretty annoyed to find a two pin plug..!


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Don't think I'd be too concerned so long as I knew it was not a grey import. Most of the time I need to shorten the leads anyway to try to reduce the spaghetti behind the rack as much as possible. Just a good excuse to do immediately rather than leave and forget :)

BTW, you can delete the duplicate post if you wish. Click edit then check the delete box (top left) and click the delete button. Guess you got a bit impatient waiting for it to load :D


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Come to think of it, I didn't get a mains cable with problem as I've got a dozen lying around...good to be able to use one up!


thanks for the advice, got a normal kettle lead when i dropped in to see the dealer. Works great and i'm very impressed with the 868.
Just waiting delivery of my 434 on Monday!!
wo hoo!!
(i was sjw998r, just re registered under my normal id of chillo)

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