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    I am looking to buy a reasonable home cinema system and would appreciate any views/experiences on the following two options (or suggestions of other options to consider, or someone pointing out that I've missed the plot completely :) :-

    Option 1: Pioneer NS-DV77

    Option 2: Yamaha RXV420+NSP220+Toshiba210e

    Both options seem to be able to be had for around the same price.

    I'm leaning towards Option 2 at the moment since I already have a pair of Tannoy Mercury-S speakers (I know, quite old, but still produce an excellent sound to my ears) and a pair of Denon SC-M2's which between them could handle front and back. This way I don't need most of the NSP220's and I assume I get a better sound quality (I just can't believe that those tiny speakers produce the same quality/depth sound, but maybe I'm just old-fashioned). I figure that I could use the in-built TV speakers (Panasonic TX-25 I think) for the centre speaker and that I'd add a subwoofer at some point if the Tannoys don't do the job.

    On the flipside, the DV77 is such a neat unit and so simple to connect that it's tempting, provided that there's not much noticeable quality difference between the two.

    Features wise I couldn't find all that much difference between the two setups.

    I'm also hoping to retire my current CD player (Denon 810) and stereo Amp (NAD 3130), but I'm not sure if either option is up to the job for CD's. Will I be disappointed to listen to CD's on either Option compared with what I'm used to?

    The only other thing to consider is that I want to run my SKY digibox through the whole setup if possible.

    Any help with this dilemma would be appreciated.
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    There is a noticeable difference in sound quality.

    A DVD player and AV amp is no match for the equivalent priced CD player and Stereo amp.

    Have a look at either the Pioneer 545 or Marantz which are better than the norm at CD's but don't expect a great deal if you will be playing stereo through an all in one unit.

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