Pioneer DV737: Does it still hold up?


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I am looking for a partner for my new Toshiba 32zd26p that has NTSC Progressive Scan. My budget is up to £500ish (can't really stretch to £700 for a Tosh 900/Pioneer 747). My short list so far is between the Toshiba 510/520 and the Harman Kardon DVD 25. I currently have a Pioneer DV545 which is a great little player so I really want any new machine to be an upgrade in terms or performance.

A local store has a Multi Region Pioneer DV737 as an ex-demo machine that they want £350 for. I have looked back through many of the 737 threads and there does indeed seem to be a mixture of opionions, especially when comparing it to current models. Can anyone give me any idea how the 737 compares to my current 545 and also how it compares to current models like the Tosh, HK and more expensive machines like the 747.

Am I likely to see an increase in picture [PAL Interlaced as well as NTSC Progressive...] and sound quality from the 737? Also, opionions on the HK DVD 25 would be very welcome!

Thanks for your help;)

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Well, I believe it's still possible to 'maybe' buy a brand new one for about £390 if you are lucky and look around some of the advertisers.

I have a 737.

I can definately say the Prog Scan is great. PAL Interlaced is also good, but vrs. a R1 disc, the difference is easy to see.

How it compares to newer machines I can't say as it's still in the same price bracket.

If you really want to have a definative better picture, then I'd say go for a more expensive and capable machine.

There seems to be a general agreement along these lines-

Good affordable DVD from the likes of 737/747 etc.

Marked improvement at the next level on players like the Arcam DV88 (I think)

Next step up would besomething like the Arcam at £1600, can't remember the model names.

Then you'll be going up into Tag territory, where the picture and sound is supposed to be outstanding.

However it's all relative. Personally I think the 737 is fantastic value at £400 or so. If you prefer the 747 say or another equivalent model from another manufaturer, fine, but I'd bet you'd be hard pushed to see much difference until you spend substantially more.

Since I've had my player I haven't felt the need to upgrade. It is good and reliable and very well built. It does the job very well and can produce some really awesome pictures.
Others may disagree and say the 747 is far better. Ok, but how much better and for how much money?

Buy the 737 and enjoy it.

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I had a Pioneer 737 for over a year (cost me £500 at the time). It is a great player, very user friendly with a great picture. I did changing it to newer models like the Tosh510e but they just weren't as good.

Did finally replace it for a 2nd hand Arcam DV88, which is marginally better for picture quality, but bought mainly for CD playback and the updates that Arcam brings out. The Arcam worked out only £90 more expensive after selling Pioneer (wouldn't have upgraded unless I had seen that bargain).

You should be able to get a new one for that price, or a near mint 2nd hand one for £300 (that's how much I sold mine for and that's definitely the top end of the 2nd hand price). They have started coming up on the classifieds quite regularly in the last couple of months.


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it is a great player still, I have tried many different machines including denon 2800, tosh 510 and have to say that I still prefer the 737, I am using it with a projector and may get rid of it when i go down the htpc route, but not before.

But if you can pick up one for £350 i think you will be pleased with the picture.

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