Pioneer DV717 stuck on region 8.


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Does anybody know how to reset to factory defaults a Pioneer dv717 player?
or get the player to change to another region other than 8.
ive tried the usual remote method which seems to progress ok till the number is needed and then it doesnt register, just goes back to the menu again.
it plays dvd region 0 alright.
maybe its a complete loss, i just bought this off of ebay:oops: some you win some you lose
many thanks


...I think it will depend on who did the multiregion mod to it as to what the keystrokes are.

Can you email the guy you bought it from and ask?

What about multimod? that is a common one - check thier website for instructions and try that, else ask here what works on other folks 7x7 players...



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try this m8

- Remove any disc in the tray
- Press the Setup on the remote control
- Move over to GENERAL using the arrow keys
- Select BASIC, press DISPLAY (This will display your region and firmware version).
- Press CONDITION/MEMORY (nothing is displayed or changed on the screen).
- Press the REGION # required (i.e. 2 for Region 2 etc).
- Press MENU to store.

Turn on m/c without disk
Press menu on handset
Press enter " "
press display "
Press condition "
Press No button for req zone
Press menu


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this is exactly what i've been doing... but it wont accept the number... its stuck on 8.
if i press 2 it goes to screensaver set up!!!
think i'll eventually put it on ebay and let someone else have ago. lol.

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