Pioneer DV490V or Philips 5980


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I have just picked up a Pioneer 490 from Costco for £58. I think it is an ex-display model. I was initially looking at getting the Philips 5980 (1080p upscaling, USB and DiVX Ultra) which is also £58 at Costco. I thought that the 490 was the same player as the 696 but lacking DVD-Audio and SACD. Although, from what I have read, it is a worse player overall. This has got me thinking as I have not yet opened the 490 and can return it without any problem.

My Pioneer 656a died last week and my other player (575) is hooked up to the other TV. Now I need a budget player for the 32" Samsung LCD, preferably with good DiVX/XViD support(packed bitstream a plus, as even the 575 stutters with this material).

The question is which player would be best...would the Philips 5980 be better quality than the 490? I purchased the 490 as I presumed it would be better with regular DVDs, but it seems it has multiple problems with PAL. The other player around this price bracket is the Samsung 870, however, I can not find any in depth analysis of the picture for this player. The only other options are wait for the new Pioneers or go for a 696, Denon 1730 or Sony 76 maybe...

Any suggestions?...

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