Pioneer DV-989AVi review in HCC


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Hi all
Has anyone read the Pioneer DV-989 review in the latest issue of Home Cinema Choice?
I live in Norway so I can't get hold of the magazine, and I would really like to know how HCC found the picture quality to be.
I have been considering the Marantz DV-7600 and Yamaha DVD-S2500. But I am now really unsure if I should wait for the Pioneer DV-989, although it is a more expensive player.

So if anyone has read the review I would be eternally grateful for any comments on the picture quality over HDMI and conclusion of the test.
(+ Maybe how it is rated against other players)

/C :)


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They gave it 5 out of 5 for picture, sound and features. HDMI output can be switched between RGB, component (12 bit) and 'standard' component with a lot of adjustment available. They didn't specifically review it against any other players unfortunately, but they seemed to like it a lot. :smashin:

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