Pioneer DV-989AVi opinions?

Les E

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I currently have a Marantz 7600 but I am having a few issues so I am thinking of replacing this and have been looking at the Pioneer DV-989AVi.

Has anyone any experiences with the Pioneer and how does it compare to the picture/sound of the Marantz?


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I'd be interested in hearing peoples' opinions too. I'm weighing up my options at the same sort of price point for an upgrade of both my DVD player and receiver. It's currently between the DV-989AVi and the upcoming Marantz DV7001 (expected in January).

The DV7001 should fix most of the flaws of the DV7600, and gain much of the performance of the very well-regarded DV9600.

One of the deciding factors for me will be whether it has DSD over HDMI though - I want a digital interconnect for all formats including SACD, and the choices at that price range seem to be:

  • the Denon DVD-2930 to the Denon AVR-3806 over Denon Link (which I'm ruling out as being proprietary and restricting future upgrade paths),
  • the Pioneer DV-989AVi to the Pioneer VSX-AX4ASi over iLink (looks promising, but they're the only people equipping gear with iLink at that price point, and is iLink on the way out?)
  • the Marantz DV7001 to the Marantz SR7001 over HDMI (if the DV7001 does actually send DSD over HDMI - unknown as yet; and is tying the audio in with the video more trouble than it's worth? particularly with odd restrictions like no hi-res multichannel with 576i on most equipment)

Most people seem full of praise for the DV-989AVi, but it falls down on all sorts of video processing points in the "DVD Benchmarks" technical tests. Most notably the chroma upsampling bug on 2-2 film. The DV9600's decoder/deinterlacer/scaler system is much more solid, and the DV7001 is apparently based on it.

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