Pioneer DV-989 issue with HDMI - motion smearing. Help!

Michael Tonge

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Hello, I need help!

I have the following issue with my ridiculously priced (and therefore one that should work!!) DVD player, the Pioneer DV-989.

When I run HDMI on my TV, upscaled, the image smears badly in movement, especially skin colours. (this is on most of my DVDs now! :mad: )

HOWEVER, if I run it on my cheap component cables the picture is absolutely fine, no smear at all.

I have tried the DVD player on BOTH my tvs (LCD & Plasma), and the problem is there on both, which rules out the TV being the problem.

I have also tried all the HDMI options, 560, 720, 1080 etc and they all show the same problem.

I am using a top notch HDMI cable as well...


I am guessing that the issue is either with the DVD player (HDMI output) or the cable.

However it seems to be a processing issue, like the picture can't catch up with the signal, if that makes sense, so that sways me towards thinking that the DVD player has a fault.

Any ideas? Anyone else had this problem? Please help!


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Don't own the Pioneer, but you might try playing with the pic settings. I have a Pioneer DVD recorder, and it looks awful over component with my LCD set unless I adjust the prog scan settings (in fact, the 'Professional' preset works well, but I'm not sure whether presets exist on yours). You might try tweaking the prog scan options and chroma delay. Hope this helps!

Rob Sheep

Standard Member

Did you fix you motion problem. I've had the same problem with mine through a Sony LCD. You need to reset the picture settings, don't have it set on 'Direct'. Have a look at the settings in 'memory' and change one of them to AUTO 2, this will fix it. Let me know how you get on.

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