Pioneer DV-668AV and Panasonic AE500 projector - Are they compatible with HD



As far as I can tell the Pioneer has a HDMI socket which I think I can convert to the DVI input on the projector.....

Would this active all the HD options and give me a better picture?

Has anybody used this combination?


You need a HD source.

All the HDMI connection will do is eradicate a number of analogue to Digital (and vice versa) conversions from the chain.

So the actual improvement would be slight...?

What HD source do you recommend?
I think the improvement is clearly visible!

What that means to you is your choice! ;-)

There aren't many High-Definition sources in this country (yet!).

JVC make the D-Theatre which has HD material available for it, although the choice is limited.

or if you use a PC, WMP9 can handle HD material.

I hope this helps.

Does using a DVI source actually increase the resolution, or simply improve the signal, making the image sharper? Does a progessive scan signal transfer through this digital input?

And (last stupid question) does using a converter (from HDMI to DVI) actually lower the quality?


using dvi does not improve the res as such.

what happens is that say a ntsc dvd signal of 480p.this is then upscaled by the dvd player to either 720p or 1080i.

truth is your projector will upscale anyway to its native res

the only real benefit of HDMI/DVI is that signal is kept in the digital domain so avoiding the analog conversion.

the result is, not that much realy

you get less pic noise and if your lucky a slight increase in detail. And depending a little on the de-interlacer less edge ehancement issues. id say alot of the benefits are small improvment, that some wont see as an issue in the first place till its pointed out to them.
alot still depends on the deinterlacer used, normaly you have to send a progressive signal for DVI(so the dvd players de-interlacer needs to be as good as poss), but im not sure about HDMI.(you might be able to pass interlaced)

also if your PJs component output is optimized for DVD then the difference may be hard to spot.

using a HDMI to DVI lead will not effect pic quality. Hdmi is basicly
DVI+2channel stereo.(dvi can only pass 8bit, but HDMI up to 12bits. at present dvd is limited to 8bit so this is not an issue until maybe HD-DVD is released)

DVI\HDMI are the best connections availble today but component is still a very very close second, and most just dont realy see the difference.

connect your computer to your PJ via DVI and thats as good as youll see realy(case you want to try brfore you buy)
Thanks for all the info.

What about the next Pioneer player up (868) - doesn't this produce 720p.

Would like make a more noticable improvement?
Depends on individuals.

the 868 still only scales the image. its not a true native 720p

if your projector is say 1280x720. then to send a signal of 720P would be good as it will only be scaled horizontally. as 720p fits the vertical of the PJ exactly it dosent get scaled.(only the dvd player will scale)

now if your PJ was 1280x768. the image will be scaled both horizontaly and verticaly. which means the scaling was done twice
once by the dvd player and once by the PJ.
If the PJ has the better scaler than the 868 then it would be better to send a 480/576p signal ie non scaled.

its trial and error. some will like only to send 480p, some will find 720p is a close match to there PJ native res..
You realy have to go with whats best to your eyes. Also DVI/HDMI
need a good deal of effort to calibrate right.

My friend has a 434 Plasma and 868i combo. when used with HDMI. He has it set to 720p. but to be honest i cant realy see the diff over 480p.
Gandley, I salute your choice of DVD Player, saw the DVD A11 demoed at the Sound And Vision show in Bristol recently, and I was blown away.

They played a few high res movie trailers through a Marantz DLP projector, connected digitally (DVI), and my jaw dropped. The images were amazing, makes me want to buy a Marantz Projector now instead of the Pioneer Plasma LOL! They also played a version of Once Upon A Time in Mexico, which looked amazing.

One thing I did notice was that there was a lot of clearing of noise when using the digital connection route rather than the component route, in fact, I now notice the noise so much more on my Toshie 42WH36P now that it is almost forcing me to by a digital interface compatible projector.

I think thats realy the real benefit going digital is the less pic noise. It does give a clearer pic.

HDMI is realy going to come into its own when things go true HI-def and or HD-DVD comes to the market.
then will see what it realy has to offer.

HDMI is also neat that the cables can be much longer without loss of signal strengh. and the fact there a lot thinner so easy to hide

Laugh, but i would rcommend the PJ route anyday with the HD2+
DLP projectors.

i had a 503 HDE and it just dosent cut what those PJs can do

SIM2 now do the domino20 and 30 with HDMI. they were great before, well worth a look now

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