Pioneer DV-585 Eating discs


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Has anyone got a Pioneer DV-585 that eats discs i.e doesnt eject them?

I had a DV-585 Black one that did it but as it wasnt multiregion like the shop promised I sent it back and got a Silver one. Had the Silver for a few days and its been fine, now its eaten a disc and I couldnt even close the tray. It has now completely eaten the disc and theres no way of getting it back.

Anyone offer any advise?

trevor g

mossmanfly when you say its eaton a disc what discs are you using
i own a 585a and have no problems whatsoever with any disc


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Just standard -R discs. Nothing fancy and in perfect condition. No other player I have has any problem, and there compatible with the player. The first one I returned did it straight away, pretty much the first disc I tried but as it wasnt multi region when I bought it when it was sold as it was, got the Silver one. Now this has done the same but it took abit longer to happen. This time the disc is stuck, takes a few goes to shut the tray and when its shut the player grinds and does not play the disc at all. The discs cant be a problem as they work on my PC drives, as well as 2 other players perfectly fine, they are just standard -R printables.

I am going to get a refund on the player and may opt for a Sony and get one from the Sony Centre as I think they can make it multi region, will have to check.

May its just a bad batch of players or something.
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