Pioneer DV-565A problems with certain discs


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I have a Pioneer -565A,Its abouts 4 years old.

Over the last couple of months I have noticed that a few discs have have displayed broken distorted images,and the last one caused the player to stop.
These problems have always been in the same place on the disc.For example...

Transporter 3,at about 17mins the picture get blocky(the same on two different discs)

The box set of Star Fleet,disc 1,2 and 4 played fine,disc 3 at the same point each time the machine would freeze then stop.

Disc 3 played with out problems on my other two machines.

Is it the player,or could I put it down to the discs???


I have two other players both connected via HDMI(pan dmr-ez27 and Samsung hd870.
Will these produce a better picture then using a scart on the Pioneer


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Hi :hiya:
Its possible a slight error on the discs that your ageing Pioneer laser cant handle but is Ok on newer machines
I have a similar problem with my King Kong 3 disc Extended Edition
On Disc 1 about 15 mins before the end my 5 year old player totally freezes up
But it plays right through on my 1 year old machine

Re: HDMI connection
I can vouch for the Panasonic DMR-EZ27, I have one
Pictures are far sharper detailed than if using a Scart connection



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