Pioneer dv-565 from Richer sounds


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Ive been looking on the internet for a Multi region 565 and hve decided to go with Richer sounds as there is a store very close to me.
The question is ...many adverts say they are multi region but only about 50% say they can play RCE disks, looking at the hack info ive found for this player it looks as though its a software hack using a palm computer or such device, not a hardware chip.
So Im guessing that all 5654's will have been moded in the same way ?
With this does that meen that all multi region 565's will play RCE disks ? even though there is no mention of it in the adverts ?
Or to be more specific can anyone confirm that the multi region 565's from Richer sounds play RCE disks..




Hi Attu
I too bought a Pio 565a from Richer Sounds in Guilford, mine is a multiregion and as far as I know it does play RCE discs, I have few and I haven't had any problems so far.
Good luck


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Thanks for that :), Id ordered it and then thought about RCE and wondered if id mabe the right choice getting it from richer sounds.
I think I can stop worrying now.



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I also got mine from Richer Sounds and have not had any problems.


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same here


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My 565a is working fine with RCA discs, no problems at all so its strange for then to say that.
Phone another RS store and see if they say the same thing.



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I did not think there was any probs with RCE disks anymore.

I would have thought that any player less than 3 years old should not have a prob.
I have a 565, but i'm not sure if i have any RCE disks or not, as i just order what i want and play it and have never had any probs.( apart from a couple of disks that went bad).

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