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Pioneer DV -55 Digital Input Question

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by BubaMc, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. BubaMc


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    Hi All
    I have a Pioneer DV-55 System and I recently bought a R1 DVD Player that has a Coxial Digital Output.
    So I obviously want to play Dolby Digital from the R1 Player thru the DV-55,
    I've connected the Coxial Output from the R1 Player into the Coxial Digital Input on the DV-55 and made the correct changes in the setup menu of the DV-55 so that it know what input it is receiving but the sound doesn't appear to be Dolby Digital only pro-logic, have I done something wrong ? I'm not very hot on these things so maybe I've missed someting, the Display window on the DV-55 should highlight a section saying what signal it is receiving and outputting which it isn't doing which it does when playing reg. R2 disc's

    Any suggestions appreciated



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