Pioneer DV-464 or Panasonic S35 or Tosh SD330E ?


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Pioneer DV-464 or Panasonic S35 or Tosh SD330E all the same sort of price (£80?)

I have a Sony 32fx68 and I am not currently using any additional sound decoder system.
I want good sound, picture, ability to play jpeg,mp3, cdr and cdrw as well as DVD.

What would you buy ?


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My vote would go in this order;

Panasonic S35
Pioneer DV-464 or DV-360
Toshiba 330.

I'm a bit biased against the Toshiba as I had one and although the picture and sound was excellent the dvd loader played up in mine and it went back. It probably has the best picture of the three players you've listed though.


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I'd just shop around for the best deal. I've got a Toshiba 330, a Pioneer 360 and a Yamaha 540. Connected via scart on my RPTV they all look about the same. Only differences come when using my projector where the Toshiba and Yamaha look better via component connection (the Yamaha is also prog scan connected this way). By the way when I got the Pioneer I read somewhere that the 360 and 464 were the same internally but the 464 case was designed to match the 301/501 receivers. If you can buy from Richer Sounds and take out a 5 year guarantee for £20 which they will refund after 5 years if you don't use it.


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Thanks for the feedback guys.

I don't like the look of the 360 - the 464 looks a lot better to me.
I have read a couple of good reviews on the yamaha - so I will think about that one as well.

At the moment it looks like the Tosh is going to win - stupidly jus because I like the look of it.

Anymore views ?


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Anymore views ?
One thing to consider is that the Panasonic S35 will play any DVD recordable disks you may, or may not, throw at it in the future. Whether you opt for DVD-RAM, DVD-RW or DVD+RW it will play them. So if your even thinking about this in the short term it might be a factor in favour of the S35.

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