Pioneer DV 350



I have Hitachi C24W410SN widescreen TV. I have checked the manual, but I would like to the answer to the following Question before I buy a region 1 DVD.

My pioneer is multi region, so assuming I scart it to the DVD will it play okay. I don't know much about NTSC, but I didn't think it mattered if the DVD player translated into PAL or something

sorry, but help would be grateful and is needed

Mr Rob T

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A quick question for you.
I was looking at getting one of these for a xmas pressie for my daughter from Richer Sounds. According to their web site this player has component out, I have had a look on the pioneer web site and there appears to be no component outputs and there is no mention of it on the site. Do you (or any other owners) have any info on this.

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