Pioneer dv-350 and dv-454 question



Does any one know how long it takes for these players to load dvd and cd's.
I have a samsung dvd-711 and it takes for ever to load discs Spesialy vcd's

I am also looking for a site with reviews of the players.
hope someone can help me


I have the older Pioneer 444 and that takes about 2-3 seconds for a dvd to load and about 4-5 secs for a homemade VCD.
I know what you mean about slow load times my mate has an old Proline 1000 and that takes about 10 seconds to load a dvd.
Sites with reviews seem to be a bit thin on the ground,the better option maybe to ask peoples opinion on this forum as they are the "real" users of the machines not some reviewer in a magazine who usually has the machine for only a few days.
As far as I am aware the 454 is bascically the same as the 350 except it has an extra optical port that the 350 doesn't.
Goto as they have the specs for the machines on there and also as they list users comments when used to play VCD's

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