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Hi all,

Was wondering what is the difference between the 'Desk Top Stand PDK-TS12 ' and the 'Desk Top Stand PDK-TS05 ' ? the look the same to me???



They do indeed look the same. I have just bought a 436XDE and was intending to use the table top swivel stand TS05 that a friend had given me after he decided to wall mount his 435 panel.

Although the TS05 looks the same as the TS12, Pioneer have moved the bolt holes ever so slightly so that the TS05 doesnt fit the new 436 panels!! A pretty lame thing to do just to force you to buy another 200 quid stand!!

Anyhow, I ended up buying a generic stand for 120 quid (non swivel) that does the job just fine for me.

The 436 XDE is superb by the way. Very impressed.

So, Ive ended up with a spare TS05 tabletop swivel stand if anyone wants to buy it!??!




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My TS05 stand fitted my 436 yesterday when I put it together (using the short legs) :confused:


Ahh mayb thats it then, Ive spoken to the guy I got the TS05 from and he has now given me a set of shorter legs that came with it. Anyhow, I dont need the swivel capability so Im still keen to sell the TS05.

Say 80 quid plus postage?


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