pioneer dcs303 multiregion for use with pal tv?


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Thinking of getting a pioneer DCS303 for my daughters bedroom for xmas.Homecinemaheaven.co.uk are doing a multiregion for £349 delivered + three free dvd and free svhs-scart lead.

This seems like a pretty good deal, had been looking at sony davs500 multregion from RS at the same money but no free dvds, scart or prologic 2/mp3.Also her tv is pal only and I understand moded sony will only output ntsc black and white on region 1 discs(with a pal only tv) where the pioneer will output pal 60 with a colour picture? am i correct.

I know I could probably buy some seperates with a better sound for around the same money but she wants a one box solution.

Anyone got a DCS303 what is sound quality like, also are homecinemaheaven ok on delivery/service etc.


Keith Fern


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I'm looking at the same model, have found it at empire.co.uk for £300 or 24-7electrical.co.uk for £323 with stands.

good luck

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