Pioneer DCS-333 External Equipment


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I have just purchased the pioneer dcs-333, mainly because it was cheap and I wanted a pioneer to match the TV.

I have problems when using the TV or line 1 selection. I have to increase the sound volume to about 35 before I can hear anything, and I get no picture in both cases.

My exact setup is as follows:

DCS-333 scart to VCR scart on Sky
Sky tv scart to scart 1 on pioneer plasma

I was thinking the scart might not like sending the sound back to the dcs-333 as its also delivering normal tv sound to the plasma so I tried the line 1 phone inputs but got the same problems.

If I use a different scart input on the plasma for the dcs-333 and sky all is ok ( I then can't use tv input, but use line 1 input for the sky ), but now the wife will never be able to do all the input switching that is required.

Any any clues how to resolve so I can have dvd from the dcs and sky on the same scart into the plasma and still get sound from the amp and picture?
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