Pioneer DCS-313. How much is mine worth?


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I appreciate that the Pioneer DCS-313 is a bit old now.
But its 450W, 5.1, optical in, multiregion, etc etc.
Cost me £250 from Richer a few years ago.

Anyway, since my Sony upgrade my mate has been eyeing up the Pio.

Can anybody suggest how much its worth? Im tempted to keep it for my bedroom when I move in a year or 2.

Thanks :)


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I have an identical machine, bought it back in 2001 for £320! The DVD player is a bit knackered but I am still using it as a AV centre. It still works really well with lots of connections! I have 4 machines running pass it. I keep thinking of upgrading it but simply couldn't find one that is fit for purpose. The all-in-ones nowaday simply do not have enough connections. If I were you, I'll definitely keep it.

Out of interest, what did you buy to replace it?


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The DVD player on mine works perfect. I tended to use a different player anyway via component (with the 313 just used for the audio).
I wanted to get seperates, but didnt want to end up paying £300 for the receiver, and then hundreds on speakers and subs. So in the end I compromised and bought the Sony 880 set on the thread below.

It is made up of a receiver that is £250 on its own, and £130 speakers, (richer sounds pricing) but only paid £250 for it all via pixmania.

A definite audio improvement over my Pio. Crisper sound, with better dialogue out of the centre speaker too. And 6.1 :)

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