Pioneer DBRT-F100 svid output problems

Discussion in 'Satellite TV, Sky TV & FreeSat' started by father alice, Mar 25, 2005.

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    Has any one found the svideo output from this box to be "weak"? I have it connected upto my Panny HS2 dvd recorder via a scart to svid cable, and for some reason the svideo signal is no good on the av4 input of the HS2, but is fine on the AV3 input, plus on a direct link to the TV. (picture is not quite b/w but the colour is not quite their - seems to be a lack of blue for example, and reds become pink!)

    I know the av4 svid socket is fine, as a different freeview box works fine via svid with it. Ditto the cable, as I have tested it with a variety of set ups.

    Additionally,I have an amplified scart splitter, which I use to split the rgb feed from the sky box, but as an experiment, I split the svid output of the pioneer stb using the splitter (which has a dc input), and found the picture was fine on the av4 input.

    It seems as if the svideo sgnal output by the stb is too weak for the av4 input. Is this possible? Any cures!

    Cheers, Ali

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