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I have just bought a Pioneer BDP-LX70, at what appeared a very good price (£200) from Richer Sounds.

I know it was reviewed as a very good player but lacking Profile 1.1 requirements. I have updated the firmware to the latest version from the Pioneer website, which all seemed to go OK.

Question is... have I got a bargain or have I bought a player that will not play most modern Blu-Ray discs?

I only got it at the weekend, so if the consensus of the more knowledgeable on here is I have bought a dud I could return it.

Thanks for your advice people.....


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Sorry, should have given a bit more detail on that....

It is linked to a Pioneer VSX-A2AS Receiver via HDMI and on through to a PDP436XDE.

My main concern I guess is that alot of new Blu Ray discs wont even work?

Nic Rhodes

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If you are just using HDMI I would return it. The player should cope with most discs but is very old now, VERY slow and may struggle with some discs but I can't think of any atm of the top of my head. Other players of similar era do struggle with some (they shouldn't but they do). £200 seems quite high to me for this as well. Even a £80 Sony Blu ray players should do things better now for HDMI.


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If it's the LX70 and not the LX70A then I'd definitely return it as it won't bitstream HD audio at all, and will not decode any DTS-HD signals internally. The LX70 will decode TrueHD to PCM internally and output that PCM over HDMI only.

The LX70A will output HD audio via bitstream to a suitable amplifier, but has the same internal decoding restrictions as the LX70.


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Agreed with them to change it for a BDP320 instead.

Not quite as nice looking but hopefully more functional! :):)

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