Pioneer BDP-LX58 Handshake problems

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    I sincerely hope someone can help with my below problem before I set about something with a hammer!!

    I've recently purchased the following...

    Panasonic TX-50AX802B TV (connected to the amp HDMI 1 OUT via an old 3m QED 'Purple' HDMI)
    Pioneer SC-LX58 Amp
    Pioneer BDP-LX58 Blu-ray Player (connected to the amp via a new 1m QED Performance HDMI)

    My setup also comprises of...

    Sky+ HD Box (connected to the amp via an old 1m QED 'Purple' HDMI and optical output to get round a sound problem on HD channels due to sharing output with the below HD Extender)
    iPod (using designated input on amp)
    Cablesson HDMI HDBase-T Extender (4m Cat 6 run from amp HDMI 2 output to a Panasonic TX-40AX630B TV upstairs)

    I've had a good few weeks of experience getting used to the various settings to get things 'to my liking' and also sadly mainly due to trying to sort odd distribution problems.

    As it stands I can't get a picture or sound from the Blu-ray to my upstairs TV no matter how I fiddle with the extenders 'dip switches', frustrating as I had it working with no sound at least once. No major problem as I will only use it for Sky anyhow which works fine.

    My biggest problem is seemingly random instances where no matter what I try I can't get the Blu-ray to 'handshake' with my amp and therefore TV. I've played around with the HDMI control settings as I've found the system to do strange things at times. I've also played around with the different resolution outputs from both the Blu-ray and amp but to no avail.

    It's extremely frustrating as only yesterday in a bid to sort it once and for all I activated all HDMI control settings on all components, turned everything off at the mains (as per amp instructions) and then once fired up it all worked beautifully, switching between Sky & Blu-ray effortlessly back & forth. Fast forward a couple of hours later, I listened to the iPod for a while (although thinking back I don't think the artwork etc was being displayed on the screen?), I then watched Sky for a while, then when I went to watch a Blu-ray I got nothing even after spending half an hour of trying different settings, turning things off/on in different orders, unplugging the HDMI lead, the time was rolling on the Blu-ray display but I was getting nothing!

    I've only upgraded from my previous Kuro Plasma, BDP-51FD Blu-ray and SC-LX50 Amp due to a channel on the LX50 going down. So far I'm massively disappointed and frustrated as the amp doesn't sound as warm/full as the last one and this latest gen of equipment seems unnecessarily complicated.

    Any suggestions/help greatly appreciated as I'm at the end of my tether to be honest.

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