Pioneer BCS-212 speaker problems


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Just wondered if anyone can help, I have got a Pioneer BCS 212 which was set up and working fine, today 4 of the speakers have stopped working. 1 small problem is that my little boy has admitted to "playing" with the remote, any ideas what he has pressed? we have tried a factory reset, and when we run an audio test the system pick up all of the speakers, any help would be gratefully received.


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Likely a sound effect preset has been changed...............

Some of the presets will only output on the front 2/3................4 being out seems odd, what ones are out.........?

Check all connections again and then play something with a 5.1 track [DVD/BluRay/mkv] and set your sound effect to bypass, this will play all the channels as they were recorded.........

Natural Plus and Game will usually play sound out all speakers if its only a stereo signal its receiving [from TV for example]....

Keep us updated....:)

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