Pioneer AX5i MACC setup question


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Hi ye all good people

I have just had my 1st Home cinema system installed. It consists of a Pioneer AX5i amp with Keff 5005 speakers in a 5.1 setup.

As some here in the forums, I have my back speakers on the rear wall just above the seating position.

I have the speakers connected correctly at the back of the Amp (FR, FL, C, RR, RL) No Surround speakers SR or SL

Before running the MACC setup, the amp OSD showed the connections of the speakers as they are above

After the running the MACC setup using the supplied mic and placing it in my seating position - just under the rear speakers - The Amp OSD now shows my speakers as (FR, FL, C, SR, SL)

Now, here are my questions:

1 - Why did this happen? Is it because of the placement of the speakes relative to the Mic.

2- Does the MACC setup overrides the actual connection on the back of the amp?

3-Shall I just leave it as it is, or shall I override the MACC setup and tell the Amp that I have no surround but BR & BL?

Any advice will be gratefully received.

Thank you



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Not sure if its the same on the Pioneers but on the Denons I've owned and from my own understanding on surround speaker setups, a 5.1 setup consists of Front Left, Front Righ, Centre, Surround Left and Surround Right. Rear Left and Right are if you have a 7.1 setup and these go directly behind you.

So I'd say you have connected the speakers up wrongly and MACC is trying to correct this for you which is quite nice of it! :laugh:

I might be wrong, maybe Pioneer label their speakers differently but you might want to check.

Ryan :smashin:



I am awaiting an AX5 amp (amongst other goodies!!) and I am currently building a recess in my front room to house the amp etc.

You may be able to answer a couple of questions for me....

How deep is the actual unit?? - I know that the specs state 464mm but I have already measured the actual casing a 440mm deep so I assume the spec includes the speaker inputs on the rear and/or the front (large) volumn control.

I need to find out how far the unit would stick out when used with Airlock Plugs in the rear so is there anychance you could verify the following: -

Depth of main unit (probably 440mm)
Depth (max) of any standard rear connectors (eg speaker posts etc)
Depth of front controls

Many thanks


gmt steve

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I have an AX10 and that states that if you only have one set of rear/surround speakers, then you should (regardles of their location) connect them to SL/SR terminals on the amp. In other words, it doesn't matter where the rear/surround speakers are actually located in your room, if you have a 5.1 system then do not use the RR/RL terminals. These unused terminals can be used to bi-amp the FL/FR speakers if you have bi-wirable front speakers.


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Ryan & Steve

I think you are both right. I checked the back of my amp and the speakers are connected to the FR, C, FL, SR and SL

The BR & BL are marked on the back of the amp with a note saying - read manual ( or something like that). So the MACC corrected my initial setup!

Thank you guys


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