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Got a AX5i and a 747 DVD player. My questions:

1. Does the unit provide OSD for volume and source selection like TV or DVD. Im an not getting any display on my TV except for the setup evironment. I am connecting everything via composite for now while waiting on delivery of my projector which will be via component.

2. When connecting my components do I need to have the idenical connetion for each component E.G. the DVD player will be component so there will be a component connection to the projector as well. The VCR is via composite - so will I need to provide a composite connection as well ?




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Probably not the answers you are looking for, but

1 - No, the Ax5i (as far as I can tell with mine at least) only has OSD for the setup menus, as you appear to have discovered.

2 - Yes, you'll need one 'out' from the amp for each type of input you use. So one for component, one for composite.

The Ax10i (and other similar high-spec amps) do video upconversion, so you have a single 'out' matching the highest quality 'in' that your monitor can take and everything else gets converted to match. So your composite video will be outputted through the component outs.

I'd have loved to have had that option, but the price jump to the Ax10i was a little high, plus the thing wouldn't have fitted in my rack! Oh well.

Sorry to be negative..

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