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I have just taken delivery of a Pioneer 757 and AX5. I have set this up best I can with my two front speakers being driven by an additional pre amp and power amp.

All speakers, 5:1, are correctly connected as revealed by the auto calibration.

I Link is ok, it is illuminated on both DVD and Amp.

Having triple checked my connections I still only have stereo sound for DVD and SACD, as displayed on the amp, but surround sound from the TV.

I am sure I have missed something in the on screen set up but I cannot fathom it out.

Any ideas.


PS I am a bit of a novice, so please forgive me.


My guess is it's a setup problem in the DVD player.

You need to access the 'Audio Settings' of the 757Ai.

I'm not too familiar with the 757AI's OSD, but somewhere in the Audio settings you need to specify for the player to read the 'Multichannel' layer of SACD discs and set DVD 'reading' (or a similar option) to 'DVD-Audio'. You also need to specify a 5.1 channel output in the speaker setup section.


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I am also sure the problem is me but all the options appear to be selected correctly.

When the amp displays 757ai as the source I get no picture and no sound.

If I switch to DVD/LD as the source I get picture but no sound.

The amp never recognises the source material, Dolby Digital/DTS etc. It remains fixed in Stereo.

I am sure if I press one button the system will leap into life, but which button?



How are you routing the picture from the 757? Through the AX5i? If so, what with?


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You should (carefully) follow the setup as shown in the manual. If your manual is anywhere near as good as the one for the AX10(i) then it is excellent.

On the ax10i you first need to assign the i.Link input(s), so that might be what you need to do, as you seem to have two inputs for the one source.


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Thanks for the help.
We have assigned the i link input. The reciever reads the i link from the DVD and stereo sound comes out but no picture.
There is an S video connection from the DVD to the reciever and from the reciever to the TV.
There are red and white phono leads from the TV to the VCR in connections on the reciever as this is how the previous ARCAM had been set up but plugging them in/unplugging them seems to make little difference to the fact that there is no picture.
We have setup both the DVD and reciever with the instructions though we may have missed something obvious.
Thanks again for your help.


you still having the problem, i think i know what it is.


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Problem now solved. incorrect I link assigning and not realising I had to select a surround sound option. I thought this happened automatically.



I find it very odd on the AX10i too. When I put a music CD in, I'd like it to play stereo direct becasue that's what's coming in. When I then select a surround track on a DVD, I'd like ot to switch to surround, because that's what the source now is. But it doesn't work like that. You have to look yourself, and set the output that matches the input if you don't want re-processing done.


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Glad you've sussed it, I had just the same issue last week with my new 757/AX5i - you have to tell the 757 that it is connected via 5.1 outputs even though it's not, just the i-link. Had me confused for a while too til I had a look at the troubleshooting section!

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