Pioneer AX5-i Novice Question!


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I have a Pioneer AX5i receiver and I would like utilise the full 7.1 speakers, but would also like to have a seperate stereo amp due to the positioning of the speakers (this would be solely for Cd music and normal TV). I was using the speakers switch on the amp, as I was only using 5.1, but I'd now really like to use the extra two as surrounds. My question is this:

If I say plug my DVD player into my Pioneer amp, then output this to another external amp (thus utilising the video switching on the first amp), will the second amp be OK to output the audio? I'm just worried that I might be amplifying the same signal twice if you get what I mean? I think normally the audio out's are for sending the audio signal to a Minidisk recorder,etc. I think it would be OK, but if this is not feasible there is no point me purchasing a second amp!

Any advice greatly appreciated!


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Your best option is to get a dedicated stereo amplifier, preferably one with a fixed gain input of some sort, something like the Musical Fidelity A308 which I use or the Arcam A80 or A90 amp which have an AV bypass mode. A dedicated cd player would also give you a considerable increase in cd playback quality.

As for connecting the amplifer up you need to connect the 'Pre-Outs' for the front left and right speakers to the AV input on the stereo amp and connect your front speakers to the stereo amp only. You will then need to run the MCACC auto setup with this amp hooked up. For stereo sources like CD just run them directly to the one of the other inputs on the stereo amp and don't use the AX5 at all. Even if you don't plan on getting a dedicated CD player connecting the stereo outputs from your DVD player directly to the stereo amplifier is likely to acheive better results than using the AX5 for stereo duties.

This is exactly the way I have my AX3 wired up. I have the Arcam DV89 connected via digital coax to the AX3 for movies and via 3x Black Rhodium Rythym interconnects to the 5.1 channel inputs for DVD-Audio. I have the Pre-Outs for the front left and right speakers on the AX3 connected to the Aux 2 input on my Musical Fidelty A308 (this input is a fixed gain AV input). My front pair of speakers are only connected to the A308. I then have the Arcam CD33 connected directly to the A308 for stereo duties. I still run the sound from my TV through the AX3 as I quite enjoy using Dolby PL2 for watching TV with.

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