Pioneer ax3 query



Hi fellow ax3 owners.

I've been playing around with the various processing modes whilst listening to stereo music sources and have noticed that no matter what sound field is choosen or how the various eq parameters (x-over, level etc) are adjusted nothing is sent to the sub.
I listen to a lot of dance music and I enjoyed using the sub when listening to dance music on my old Sony 930 amp.

The sub channel works fine during calibration tests and during true multi channel films...

Am i missing some trick here?!
Ah ha!

It just occured to me that my fronts are set to large, does this disable sub output on non x.1 sources on the ax3?
I know it didn't on the Sony which is my excuse for not thinking of this.. :blush:
I think that it might.

Have you configured your Subwoofer, within the Surround-Normal-Speaker Settings, option to be "PLUS" or "SUB".

If it is set to "PLUS", the bass should be directed to both your Subwoofer and Front Speakers (if they are set to Large)

How are you finding the pioneer? I have only had mine for a week and have been very happy with it.
Thanks for the reply dongagon.

Overall I am quite pleased with it as well :)
It was a tossup betweeen this and the Yammy 1400.
I didn't hear that much difference unlike others have.
I must be blessed with insensitive ears! ;)
Think I'll give the bi-amping a go this weekend :)
Only picked it up from Richersounds on Wednesday so still much playing to be done!
Fellow AX3 's

Can you tell me if Crossover network settings (50,80,100,and so on Hz) will have any effect if all my speakers are set to large.

I do not have sub w.
Originally posted by Grimleys
According to page 84 of the manual the xover point is unecassary if all speakers are set to large.

English is not my native langue but does "unenecessary" mean it does not have any effect?

Yes I find this confusing, but I was hoping that if set at 50Hz it would feed lower freq to my front speakers.
I'm using 12" JBL as front and I want all the low freq I can get to go there, until I have money to burn into subw.

It also depends on the subwoofer setting. If all speakers are set to large, and the subwoofer is set to 'plus', the crossover frequency determines the frequency from which on additional bass information is sent to the subwoofer.

If you chose 50Hz, front speakers to large and subwoofer 'plus', both front speakers and subwoofer will get the signals below 50Hz.


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