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Pioneer AX3 owners: please ... help me!!!

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by antine, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. antine


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    Before all i've to apoligize for my english: i'm italian and i've studied english only at school. I can easily read (so i do with your optimum forum), but i am not so good to write.
    Anyway ...
    last week i have bought a pioneer AX3 (in italy 900 euro!!!). I have done the set-up via microphone and all is very good.
    listening a DVD in DD or DTS is a wonderful experience!! I'm very happy of it.
    But there is a problem:
    listening on a vcr cassette (movie in dolby surround) an using the Pro-logic or pro-logicII dsp, the amp sends 80% of the signal at the center speacker, so the center have dialogues and a lot of music.
    Why only with the vcr? The plug is a normal white/red analog plug in the vcr input.
    What am i doing wrong?
    may some one of you help me? To the AX3 owners: for you is all ok with pro-logic?
    thank a lot

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