pioneer ax10 problem



Well I'm cheesed to say the least. When running the amp at 0db the thing is cutting out on me(happened at least 3 times). Surely I can't be overdriving it(sure does run hot though, thinking of removing the radiator in the room!!!!) It's driving B&W N804's with kimber 8tc cable bi-wired, & REL Q400e sub. The speakers are under no strain whatsoever, and the sound itself is as clean and undistorted as you would expect. At present that is all it is driving, as I have not hooked up the HTM1 centre, or surrounds Can anyone help?? or had similar problems, as I am very disappointed
Thanx in advance......


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Hi Robert,

Unfortunately this is a known problem with the AX10 and has been reported in reviews and by owners on forum boards.

I can only suggest you take it back and get a replacement. If the replacement is the same, buy something else coz the cut-outs will really get on your wick after a while
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