Pioneer Ax10-ES did work.-Kieff

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Gadjet, Sep 28, 2002.

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    To Kieff,
    Cheers Jase for your advice,

    I set up the amp to pick up DTS-ES+THX on gladiator using 7.1 channel and manual. The signal of the surround rear two speakers on the front display of the amp was not there, so what I did then was put amp on standard DTS setting and reduced all speaker levels to -10 but had the surround rear two speakers set at +3.0. There was no sound from rear speakers at all.

    So then I put the amp into DTS-ES+THX mode with all but the surround rear two speakers to the lowest settings, there was a lot of sound from the rears. ES must work even though there still being no signal for surround rear two speakers on the front amp display.
    I have not tried DD-EX yet as my DVD has got to go back to Sound And Vision because it does not play my Region 1 discs which have the DD-EX films on.
    So Kieff give it a try and listen to your rear 2 they do work even though the amps display is not showing a signal

    Take care and thanks to Jase,

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