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I've just got off the phone to Jim(nice chap) at pioneer UK, who tells me that only 1 more shipment of ax10's are comming into the country ever. After that it will be ax10i's only(1st shipment December)My dealer(Digital Direct for £2000) is pretty sure that he's down for some of the last ax10's. I'm beginning to wonder
1) is the ax10 upgradable
2) does the firewire give substantial audio benefits for DVD-A & SACD (It will partner DV 757ai)
3) wold people recommend waiting for the AX10i
Would appreciate your comments


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1) In USA at least it will possibly upgrade the equivalent A10 to A10i with a little charge, I have read in a forum
2) I think that the benefits of ilink are the simplycity of the conections bewteen the AV and the DVD but you have to use a ilink DVD, and also you avoid a degradation of the analog outputs, but in other hand you are not using the Digital/Analog circuits of your DVD that you have paid for it
3)I ask the same in this forum anf It was replayed that the AX-10i will be the first pioneer AV with this feature but in next year other cheaper models will also have i-link.

Other posiibility question is how affects the watermark protection of dvda to this digital output. I have read that it was not posibility a digital output in this case, so you can not copy DVDA??? I am not sure about this...


Hi Robert,

My understanding is that AX10i is to AX10 what VSX-49 TX is to VSX-49 TXi - (the USA versions).

NB the USA versions have a tuner, I don't think the AX10's do.

Anyway, I'm in the same boat as you, and so I downloaded the USA manual.

As well as the firewire interface, (which Pioneer claim has a better jitter performance than the SPDIF input), the *i* has a user adjustable master delay of 0 - 200 msec, for lipsync issues, and has user memories for MCACC.

Now whether these things appear on the AX10i remains to be seen, but I decided it was worth waiting to find out.

I'd kick myself if I bought an AX10, had a lipsync problem and 5 minutes later a new version appeared that fixed that.

BTW, I think the upgrade is about $400 - $500 stateside.

Have you heard any more about when the AX10i will be available in the UK ?

Best regards,



I would definately wait for the AX-10i instead of purchasing an AX-10 now, if only because the AX-10 will suddenly drop in price if there are any left in stock, because the new model will be introduced at the same price. Also there are supposed to be worthwile improvements made to the MCACC set-up routines so that it performs more consitently as the D-2011's does.
Plus, if you are buying a high end DVD player, then you're going to get the Audio DACs anyway.

Mark D


You will be glad to know that the AX10 IS upgradeable.

The Firewire link is the best way of transfering the DVDA and SACD from the 757 so it is best to use it. The processor in the does a much better job of things than the player.

I would probably just buy the AX10 standard for now and wait for the upgrade, you could probably save some money doing it this way.




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I've seen an AX10 up for sale, but I'd only buy it if I definitely knew it was upgradable with the firewire link. Anybody have any definitive info, and price? How do you go about getting it done? Will any good Pioneer dealer be able to do it?

I've sent a mail to Pioneer support via their website, but no response yet. Has anybody on this board in the UK actually had this done?

[can of worms opening] If I had a choice between this and an upgraded Denon A1SE, what should I go for? I'm more inclined to the AX10, as the equivalent firewire enabled DVD player (757Ai) is <£1k, as opposed to the DVD A1 at >£2k, which I couldn't afford.

Ta, Andrew


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When Hifi News reviewed the 757Ai / AX10i combo they found that the i link worked better than analogue for DVD-A but that the analogue worked better for SACD.

At least getting the firewire version gives you the option.



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OK, I'll answer my own question: I've just phoned Pioneer UK customer relations. They say that it is something that is "being looked at", but have no date or price indication. Advised me to call back "every few weeks" to check on the situation. How useful, not :rolleyes:.



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has the original AX10 not got the audio delay feature ????

could do with a quick answer on this




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According to the Pioneer site it has:

I believe the AX10i has slightly greater control of the delay though.

Guy - I'm still tossing up between this and your A1SE (if it comes available), so not sure whether I'm helping my cause here or not :). There is an AX10 on ebay but I think it's overpriced, given the upgrade is likely to be £500.



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If anyone is interested there are 5 new AX10s available on Ebay at the moment at £1600 buy it now.

Nothing to do with me - posting FYI.


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