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Warning: a whole lot of letters for no particular reason....

Hi all,

Didnt see the right place to say a first hello but here we are :)

So around december i got an a pioneer av vsx 1017 with 2x magnat floor speakers and a magnat center speaker.

The floor speaker still produced sound but the foam rings are 80% gone so it could be better...

Since this is my first tingel with sound equipment in many years, i cant help my curiousity about what this thing could do... so you wander the internet and a diy repair kit + adding the .1 didnt seem a bad idea.

As luck would have it, i stumbled across a klipsch rc62 and some keff iq30 in the whole process and as my luck increased, i became the owner :)

Before i got the reciever, i didnt had a tv in my livingroom. Any music played was streamed to a jbl extreme bt speaker. A ps4 was hooked up in an old phillips lcd tv in the bedroom for some moments of relaxation in the evening.

The test phase of the reciever+ magnat happened in the bedroom but now, as i came home with the new speakers ( i bought them during my work. Im a delivery guy and the seller was the person where i had to deliver a pakkage. He just sold his house at that very moment and 1 thing led to the other :)), the idea of shifting to the livingroom had to come in motion.

This led to shifting all furniture that i have in the livingroom but im happy with the new lay wise....

This also will lead for a tv upgrade in the future (samsung frame 43")

So the entertainment area is a bit of a mess. The tv stands on the center speaker, on a tv furniture sharing the same space with the reciever. The ps4 devides (standing upwards) the center speaker and the reciever⁷.The keffs on stands directly left and right. (Bi amp wired)

Things will change as the future tv will be hanged, creating space for better placement of the center and reciever. How ever, i dont know if i could get the fronts properly placed.

The room is almost 6x6. Ceiling at 260cm? I need to measure i think....

1 solid wall with the couch in the left corner. The opposite wall has the entertaintment area almost in the center with left and right doors to the hallway and kitchen. The other 2 walls have a 2x1.5 window.

Feels like i need to seperate the fronts a bit more but cant cause of the doors.
(Maybe more reading)

But still, for now, im happy with the 3.0 set up.

Ps4 slim with hdmi to the tv
Tv spdif to reciever

Some quick settings:

Front set to large due to absence of subwoofer
Center set to large because i think the center can handle it
Surround off
Sub on/yes just to filter some frequencies

After the tv upgrade, seach for the .1 and if the room/knowledge changes a bit more we can go to 5.1

Didnt plan to go on a rant....

I was just cruisin the net, read something nice here and made me wanna stick around a bit so hi, im ashwin, learning and searching :)

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