Pioneer are trying to fleece me.



My 503MXE has failed the second time in 18 months. :mad:

The first was input 3 went down, my Pioneer service center quoted over £250 but a local repair shop did it for £76 and it is perfect.

Now the PSU has failed with my service center quoting £300 and the same local shop is quoting £86.

This time there are 2 faulty SMT NPN transistor that need replacing and Pioneer will supply neither the manual or the part ID's for them to repair it so I am in a corner. I as a consumer am now facing either being fleeced by the pioneer dealer monopoly or buying a new Plasma and to be honest it is almost 5 years old so I will probably replace it.

If anyone can help the transistor are Q120 and Q129 and anyone thinging about paying Pioneer £5000, as I did, think long and hard because they are trying to fleece me through their dealer network and you will get the same treatment.

Cheers all.

If anything happens to my PDP & Pioneer are equally belligerent with me I will certainly not be a buyer of their products again. In fact I might not anyway after what you (and indeed others previously) have said :nono:

Mark since 2001 it has been EU law that you have to receive a 24 MONTH warranty. Pioneer have to fix the screen free of charge or they are breaking the law.

There is a nice document here (aimed at US importers) which explains it in plain english. The bit relevent to you is:

If you export to any country in the European Union, you need to be aware of legislation that requires a warranty of at least two years from the delivery of goods. Sellers whose products are found not to conform to the “contract” between the buyer and seller at the time the goods were delivered are required to replace or repair the nonconforming goods free of charge, reduce the price of the goods, or release the consumer from the contract. If you sell a consumer good, this Directive covers your products.

The exact piece of legislation can be found here.

Good luck.

[edit] lol i'm an idiot! :suicide: Its 5 years old![/edit]

Do you know what is printed on the top of the transistors? It might be possible to track down the type. Or have they been completely destroyed? Do you know for sure, that only the transistors are faulty?
No they have been vapourised (literally) so nothing left to read.

I am an Electronics Engineers that specialises in Comms not PSU's but here goes on the technical.

Q127 (2SK2561) is the main switching FET for T102, it failed the worst possible way and went G-D short putting all 340v into the low voltage curcuit.

Q120 is a simple on/off switch for the curcuit and all it does is ground the gate of the FET went it is require to be off, as such it isn't strictly needed but this PSU will run in standby went not needed.

Q129 is the problem one as it controls the on/off cycle of the main FET and it is not advisable to use any other component other than the specified one as the rest of the timing is built to suit.

There is an almost identical curcuit driving T101 and Q129's equivalent in there is mark "AYG". We took the brave step this afternoon of swapping the working "AYG" from T101's curcuit into T102's and it runs fine with both the 12v & 5v outputs working under load.

This makes it even more annoying as I know all this plasma needs is a component worth pennies but I don't know if "AYG" is correct (I am guessing it is) and anyway I can't find a listing.

AY is apparently a BCX70KR and this has 8 variants, 1 of which is a G so it makes sense it is this but I would like to know for sure.
Just found out they are the same so the questions is what transistor carries the marking "AYG" ?
Did you try to order the PARTS from pioneer. You stated they don´t want to supply you the manual nor ID's but maybe they are willing to sell the parts itself.

I have no experience with Pioneer but in the past I have order various parts from various brands to repair my electronics. I think there are some laws obligating spare parts to be available from some time. I did a quick google but only found a US paragraph

For how long must spare-parts and an after-sales service be available?

They must be available for the period for which the seller has promised that they will be available. If no period is mentioned they must be available for a "reasonable period" and if necessary the Minister has power to define by Order what is a reasonable period in relation to particular kinds of goods.
SEME are Pioneers UK spares supplier and they can order any component I want by the part number which, you guessed it, in the service manual.

If I get nowhere this side of Xmas I will look abroard in the new year.

Cheers for the reply.

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